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The importance of feedback

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

As part of their transitionary approach to regulation, CQC has reiterated the importance of hearing from people who use services, their relatives and friends, carers and management and from other local groups involved including Healthwatch.

QUIQVIEW offers providers an instant way to survey and capture people’s views, with ready-made surveys that can be sent out instantly via email, added to your website or completed locally on a tablet or even on paper.

Users are notified as new responses come in, with results collated in real-time showing what people think and providing invaluable pointers about how you are perceived.

Having the best policies and systems does not guarantee the highest level of care, and unless you listen to people you cannot be seen to be responsive and committed to continual improvement.

QUIQVIEW gives the flexibility to ask any questions whenever you want, so is ideal for responding to topical events or changes in guidance.

For more information or to book your demo please go to

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