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NHS Commissioning

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Assurance and Improvement Management System (AIMS)

The Assurance and Improvement Management System (AIMS) has been developed by Quiqsolutions  and NHS England to improve the timescale of the Quarterly Assurance Process.


Based upon the principle that once the quarter has finished ICBs & Sub Locations will know at that point i.e. Quarter End, how they are performing against the three key standards and can answer the following key questions:

  1. What is the estimated percentage of DSTs completed in an acute hospital setting in the last quarter?

  2. What is the estimated percentage of CHC referrals completed within 28 days in the last quarter ?

  3. What is the estimated number of incomplete referrals exceeding 28 days by 12 – 26 weeks or more as at the last day of the previous quarter?


If an Improvement Plan is required it can be drafted immediately without waiting for the NHS CHC Data publication.

AIMS has therefore been designed to provide a mechanism to:

  • Gather the data from ICBs & Sub Locations within days of the quarterly data submission

  • Request an Improvement Plan if required

  • Receive and Review that Plan

  • Collate and compile the historical and current data and Plans in a single workspace

  • Facilitate automated reporting to the Regions



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