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QUIQCARE has been totally redesigned to make it even more essential in your care service.


With new CQC standards expected later in 2023 providers need to

be prepared with the right quality assurance system to keep them up-to-date and provide CQC with the information they will need.


In line with the greater emphasis on stakeholder experiences, Survey & Audit gathering has been placed at the centre of the compliance process.


You can now carry out essential Audits of your own services to ensure you meet the basic requirements. A Survey tool enables all stakeholders to give their views on the service you are providing with results collated in real time.


The new QUIQCARE CQC Oversight Dashboard gives providers a view of all of the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for their service, collecting both weekly and monthly data and displaying it to give you added visibility of the health of your service.

With all the responses guaranteed to be linked to the latest CQC Standards, QUIQCARE builds a complete picture of your compliance as you go, making you aware of the full picture and ready for any inspection at any time.

A complete compliance management package including:
  • Self Assessment

  • Action Planning

  • Evidence and Information gathering

  • Policies and Resources

  • Surveys for Patient Feedback

  • Examples of Practice for all KLOEs



QUIQCARE Video Guides

Book Online Training

We provide free online training sessions to make sure you get the most from QUIQCARE.

Typically these take around 45 minutes to an hour and can be held at a suitable time for you. They focus on the day-to-day use of CQCPro highlighting the key features and providing a deeper understanding of its use and benefits.

Documents & Brochures

When the new CQC Standards were in consultation before being released we were under the impression that our responsibility to provide proof of CQC Compliance had changed and they specifically requested not to see any evidence.

Not knowing what was going to happen we left QUIQCARE, confused with what was going on.

We decided to make an appointment and visit CQC in person to clarify exactly what our responsibility was as a nursing home.  In that meeting we were told that it was best practice to evidence our CQC Compliance. We asked about using QUIQCARE and it was agreed it would allow us to demonstrate compliance effectively.

Using QUIQCARE we have again got our finger on the pulse of our CQC Compliance.

Adrian Esland, Albert House Nursing Home


Albert House Nursing Home in Weston Super Mare, is a 38 bed nursing facility which provides both long term care and short term respite care including two Rapid Response Care beds and two Community Ward beds for emergency admissions.

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