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Creative Care Case Study

CQC Pro Case Study – Creative Care, Autumn 2021


Creative Care (East Midlands) Ltd provide residential care and support for people with an Autism, learning disability and complex challenging behaviours, and mental health. Their homes provide care support whilst also offering opportunities to learn new skills to allow more independent living.

Each of their nine homes has been carefully designed to meet the needs of everyone who lives there, and they make further changes as people’s needs change or new people move in. All Homes provide a low arousal environment with the addition of sensory rooms. The Homes are individual, extremely spacious internally and provide the external space required by those whose needs are challenging and complex.

All Creative Care (East Midlands) Ltd homes are committed to using a Person-Centred Planning approach, regardless of the degree of disability or “challenge” faced by our service users. The model of care based on positive behavioural support (PBS) and outcomes; puts the people they support at the heart of everything they do.

The aim is to ensure that whatever planning, processes or initiatives are introduced, they take account of the fact that each and every one of their service users has the absolute right to live the life they want, in the environment of their choice.


Creative Care (East Midlands) Ltd Homes are registered with the CQC, who carry out the regulatory role in Health & Social Care in England. One of their homes, Bridle Lodge, was rated outstanding after their last inspection, and the group is committed to being CQC compliant and continually improving the quality of care.

To help achieve their ambition to offer outstanding care, Creative Care (East Midlands) Ltd were willing to consider the latest technology. As a key part of this approach, in the autumn of 2020 a decision was made to implement CQC Pro from Citation across all their homes. CQC Pro is the leading online CQC compliance platform implemented across over 500 care locations.

Commenting, Ian Coldrick, CEO at Creative Care (East Midlands) Ltd said:

“We were very impressed with the functionality that CQC Pro offered, with the ability for us to have real-time visibility of the compliance position across all our homes. The additional functionality including storing all of our policies and procedures and implementing surveys and audits using CQC Pro has transformed the way we monitor and manage quality across the business.”


CQC Pro was implemented very quickly and training on all aspects of the system provided. After discussions about their requirements, the system was implemented with access to managers and other key staff at a local level, with management overviews giving a view across all the homes in a single dashboard view.

Evidence statements were entered for each of the homes demonstrating compliance with the CQC’s Fundamental Standards, including under the 5 KLOE headings of Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well-led. In addition, they used the additional standards in CQC Pro to monitor Infection Control and Covid preparations. CQC Pro contains guidance, with best practice examples, suggested sources of evidence and links to a comprehensive library of resources. Policies and Procedures were uploaded centrally and made available to users at each of the Homes, with the ability to attach relevant documents to support the evidence statements.

CQC Pro is supplied with a number of surveys to make gathering feedback as easy as possible. Service users, Relatives and Friends and Staff surveys are included, but with the ability for these to be personalised or new versions to be created as required. In addition, Creative Care used the form builder to create digital versions for collecting key information.

Commenting, Simon Novakovic, Regional Operations Manager said:

“CQC Pro makes it so much easier to carry out surveys and audits. We set up schedules to remind managers and other users when they need to be completed, and we have complete visibility of the progress. The results are collated automatically which saves enormous amounts of time compared with previous methods, we are even able to create action plans to ensure that any improvements required are recognised and seen through to completion. The alerting helps ensure nothing is missed, and it has become the accepted way of working across all our homes.”


CQC are going to be making changes to the way their approach to monitoring care quality in 2022. This will involve changes to the current Key Lines of Enquiry and the introduction of compliance statements for providers to benchmark themselves against. There is going to be more data required which will be shared across commissioners to give a single shared view of quality.

CQC Pro will give providers a clear pathway to understanding and implementing the new standards and support the CQC’s new approach, the inherent flexibility will mean that Creative Care Homes will be able to quickly move in line and be prepared with minimum effort.

Mick Feather, Citation’s Care Business Manager said:

“CQC Pro is an incredibly powerful tool that will help any care provider manage CQC compliance and so much more. Creative Care Homes have seen the potential of the system and enthusiastically and methodically implemented it to ensure they are continually on top of things and ready for any future inspections. Citation are delighted to support them with CQC Pro, helping them to offer the highest quality of care and being able to provide real-time evidence this.”

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