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Industry leading Compliance management solution. 

Simply put, Quiqcare is an online tool that lets you structure your compliance assurance into a coherent, easily deployable system that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, by anyone you choose.


Compliance data has traditionally been collated onto spreadsheets, paper forms and documents, making it almost impossible to compile reports, interpret the position or get a realtime view of the position.


Quiqcare brings the whole thing into one place, reminds you when you have actions, lets you attach your own collateral such as documents and media, and then presents the whole picture in a formatted Summary you can use for inspections, reviews and your day to day peace of mind of your compliance position.

Keyboard and Mouse
Be ready for any Inspection

Building up the compliance picture of your service is essential for your peace of mind and your inspection results. 

Quiqcare ensures you'll be ready for any inspection with all your Assurance organised in one place with immediate reports, summaries to back up your assertions and well organised policies and procedures.

Audits and surveys provide the essential proof that you are listening to your stakeholders and regularly checking your meeting statutory requirements as well as offering a well run service.

If you have several sites you can get a centralised view right from your desk and use Action Plans and Audits to get more information as you need it to ensure you stay top of compliance. 


Used by hundreds of Care Providers, Local Authorities and the NHS as their primary compliance tool Quiqcare is a proven method of driving quality, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Essential tools at your finger tips

Audits & Surveys

Quiqcare comes with built-in Audits and Surveys to get feedback on your service and from your stakeholders

Evidential Assurance

Ensure you can backup your assertions with high quality evidence, always to hand for any inspections. 

Instead of reacting to a planned or un-planned inspection all your data is ready to use, helpful summaries - ideal for inspections - can be printed on demand, anytime.

Action Planning

Find something that needs attention?

Action planning lets you create simple but comprehensive plans to focus your resources on improving the service.

Inspectors don't expect everything to be right, but they do expect you to know about what needs work and action plans prove you're on top of things.

Easy To Use

Most users are up and running after the briefest training session, it really is that intuitive.

If you need to deploy to many sites a full rollout program run by Quiqsolutions has proven itself time and again, and can be started straight away.

Single and Multi Site

Quiqcar deploys immediately, no development and no delays. You can use it on one site or control hundreds of sites from one central point. Easily.

Seamless Integration

Bring together the whole compliance process into one tightly integrated system.

From Evidential Assurance, Surveys, Audits and Inspections every aspect of the process is built in and works seamlessly in harmony.

Secure and Roles Based

Using extensive Roles and Permissions you can define precisely who sees what, who can do certain tasks and who you want to see the whole picture.

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