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CQC regulatory transition

CQC have been sending out numerous communications recently as they seek to move to a new inspection methodology from April 2021.

Ian Trenholm, CEO at the CQC, has announced that there will be changes to the regulatory platform that could look quite different to the current methodology.

CQC says:

"Our transitional regulatory approach is flexible and builds on what we learned during the height of the pandemic. The key components are:

  • A strengthened approach to monitoring, with clear areas of focus based on existing Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs), to enable us to continually monitor risk in a service

  • Use of technology and our local relationships to have better direct contact with people who are using services, their families and staff in services

  • Inspection activity that is more targeted and focused on where we have concerns, without returning to a routine programme of planned inspections.

We will continue to adapt our transitional regulatory approach, and remain responsive as the situation changes. We’ll also be considering longer-term changes to how we regulate, which we’ll explore through engagement on our future strategy.

CQC will focus on a subset of KLOEs during the transition process.

CQC have however stated that they do not plan to make wholesale changes to the KLOEs and providers should continue to use the guidance they provide in relation to these.

Please ensure you are regularly reviewing your evidence against the KLOEs so you can assure yourselves you are compliant and provide evidence to CQC as and when required.

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