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PAM Assurance Tool

An effective solution for managing your Premises Assurance Model

NHS Commissioning

Since July 2021 it became a mandatory requirement for Estates and Facilities Management teams within NHS Trusts to submit an annual Premises Assurance Model (PAM) self-assessment. NHS PAM is comprised of 42 workbooks, across 6 domains, covering all areas of estates and facilities:

  • Safety Hard

  • Safety Soft

  • Governance

  • Effectiveness

  • Efficiency

  • Patient Experience

Quiqsolutions Quiqcare PAM Assurance Tool offers a different approach with numerous benefits compared with the spreadsheet version:


  • Real-time view of compliance across one or multiple domains

  • Includes all SAQ’s, Standards and Resources from the NHS PAM spreadsheet version

  • Reminders and alerts to ensure nothing gets missed

  • 5-tier Evidence RAG rating

  • Multi-user access with domains allocated to specific users

  • Action Plans including progress indicators

  • Reporting and dashboard views

  • Survey and Audit builder module

  • Peer review function working with consultants

  • Fully scalable, upgrade to include any quality standards or risk management requirements

“We were looking to improve the process for completing our PAM self-assessments, with document storage in a central location.  Quiqcare has provided us with a flexible, compliance monitoring software which is tailored to the PAM, and to our Trust’s department structure.  The ability to assign actions, track progress and upload evidence all in one place has certainly reduced the administrative burden on the Estates team and the reporting functions mean we can keep the senior and executive teams well informed throughout the year.”

Beth Owen, Estates Business Support Manager



Quick guides for using PAM

We were really impressed as it offered a totally new approach to managing our PAM submissions. Being able to see where things are up to in real time and to set reminders is a big step forward from using the spreadsheet version.


Cecilia Crump MA, MCMI

Specialist Compliance Manager

South west Yorkshire Partnership 

NHS Foundation Trust

The PAM assurance tool from QuiqSolutions gives us a real-time view of our Estates and FM compliance across all of the domains. It is really easy to use and allows us to store relevant policies/ contingency plans in one place. The team from QuiqSolutions are always on hand to give us support when needed.


Stuart Gordon

Head of Business Improvement and Compliance

The Princess Alexandra Hospital

“We were open to a new way of managing our PAM submissions, in previous years these had proved difficult to manage, with the need to update a single spreadsheet from multiple perspectives. This was time-consuming and resulted in a flurry of activity leading up to the yearly submission.”


...QuiqCare has changed the way we look at PAM; it has now become an important indicator of our compliance all year round as opposed to an exercise conducted purely with the annual submission in mind. We can set reminders and assign action plans to address areas for improvement and run reports showing the real-time position or trends over time.”


“QuiqCare is easy to use and we quickly became familiar with it ... the ability to create surveys and audits which are really helpful in providing a more rounded view of quality and performance across our EFM team.”   


Carrie-Ann Cruickshank (MIIRSM)
Associate Director of EFM Business Performance & Governance

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

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