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Provider Assurance & Compliance

Essential Provider Assurance data when you need it, where you need it.

PAC brings Provider Assurance data straight to your desk, simply and automatically.

Gather critical information of any kind on a regular scheduled basis from your Provider base, and have all the data right at your fingertips without having to chase for information or compile disparate reports.

Compliance Solutions: Your way.

Quality data on time

Whether you need to get data on the fly, or have a scheduled process, PAC keeps you in touch with your remote sites.

The moment it's completed by the remote site you have it at your fingertips.

Use KPI rules to flag up problem areas automatically so you know straight away where to focus your resources,

Content Rich  Assurance

When you need more than just a 'tick in the box' Evidential Assurance is essential.

Get in depth qualitative information, backed up with document collateral when you need it. 

Clearly laid out responses let you and your stakeholders see the position precisely.   

Review responses

See what your stakeholders say and respond with reviews.

Share your comments with them and apply Review RAG Ratings to illustrate your assessments. 

And if you need to get more involved use follow up Action Plans to drive and focus resources

Simple forms ask key questions of your Providers and remote sites with the results displaying immediately on your dashboard. 

If you need additional assurance a single click of a button requests further information from the Provider which is indexed against your specific compliance framework standards.

The whole system can be scheduled with deadlines set by you. If a Provider doesn't respond in time they get a reminder, so the data gathering manages itself, which is one less job for you.

All the data you collect is carefully indexed against the Provider record and kept in context with the compliance framework, building a comprehensive picture over time, and making reporting easy.

Works right out of the box 

PAC is based on the industry leading Quiqcare platform and already manages dozens of different compliance frameworks from CQC, to NHS and Schools. No matter how specialised your application might be you could be up and running in no time. PAC is designed for rapid implementation, and we built some pretty clever tools to import your existing framework very quickly (we mean within hours!).

Deployment is a breeze, there's no development and no delays. You can use it on one site or control hundreds of sites from one central point. Easily.

PAC brings together all those different parts of a compliance regime into one tightly integrated system.

Evidential Assurance, Surveys, Audits and Inspections, Reviews and Action Planning are all there and work seamlessly in harmony. 

Your users will be up and running after the briefest on-line training session, it really is that intuitive.

If you need to deploy to many sites a full rollout program run by Quiqsolutions has proven itself time and again, and can be started straight away.

No more spreadsheets, no more compiling reports, it's all done for you in one package.


Whether you need to comply with externally imposed regulatory frameworks like NHS, CQC, CCGs or Local Authorities, or you use your own internal assessments it takes moments to set up.


Once uploaded Quiqcare has all the management tools you need to deploy and manage users, create groups and monitor progress.

Dev free

We've already created the solution so you don't have to.


Quiqcare comes complete with everything you need to make sure it's as effective as possible in your organisation. Set up users with role permissions, assign ownership to individuals and control access to differing levels of functionality.

Managed data

Cloud computing with world class providers


No IT infrastructure setup, it's already done.


All you need is an internet connected device. Cloud based systems store data centrally and is accessible from anywhere, letting you focus on the job in hand, not on the technology.


Collaborate and share data within your teams and access it from wherever you are, whenever you want, securely.

Control Change

You stay in control, whatever happens


Easily make changes to your users when you need to.


Team members and users come and go, regulations change and there is always something more to do. Quiqcare lets you re-allocate user responsibilities straight away without disrupting your compliance regime.

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