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Safeguarding Dashboard

Under the terms of the Care Act, there is a responsibility for providers and commissioners to enable children and adults to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect.


There is extensive guidance and numerous resources to support organisations, but with so much to manage from both the provider and commissioners’ perspectives this can lead to a huge bureaucratic exercise to keep on top of.


With notable instances generating national interest, and huge penalties for organisations that don’t meet their obligations to keep people safe, there is considerable pressure to show that they comply with the requirements.

QUIQSOLUTIONS PAC and QUIQCARE are ideally suited to provide your comprehensive safeguarding assurance framework.


With solutions such as the SAS assurance tool for ICBs & Sub Locations and Local Authorities and the Safer Practice Framework, we have ready-made tools for instant deployment across all locations and service types.

Introducing SAS (Safeguarding Assurance Scorecard)


SAS was developed in conjunction with the Adults and Child Safeguarding teams at NHS Kernow for use by NHS Trusts and other providers in the region. 


Covering 57 Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) across 14 key areas adult and child safeguarding including Section 11, The Children Act and the 6 C’s of Safeguarding, it has been designed for providers, contractors and commissioning bodies themselves to self-assess and evidence compliance against national safeguarding requirements.


It gives a real-time view for all parties involved, with the ability for commissioners and regulators to read and review evidence and to manage action plans to embed quality improvement.

Performance Monitoring

To be completely assured, you need to be aware that key performance indicators are being recorded and any worrying trends easily identified and acted upon.

SAS includes monthly, quarterly and annual reporting as well as on-demand feedback and reporting on any new areas of concern.


Configurable dashboards provide real-time views giving you control and visibility to ensure you are on top of your safeguarding obligations at a local and regional level.


Book an Online Demonstration

Typically these take around 45 minutes to an hour and can be held at a suitable time for you. 

Key Points

  • SAS offers a digital safeguarding assurance platform that is ready-to-go

  • Comprehensive – covering all safeguarding requirements for small and larger providers alike

  • Replaces spreadsheets and paper with a real-time view of strengths and weaknesses

  • Supports commissioners’ inspections and includes peer review function

  • Action Plans demonstrate improvements are taking place 

  • Alerts and Reminders ensure evidence and action plans are always up to date.

The SAS is a really exciting tool and will greatly increase the focus on safeguarding safety in our county. Working with the great Team at QUIQSOLUTIONS we have seen the ideas turn into a real solution which works at all levels from provider through to commissioner. We look forward to continue working with providers to develop the tool and improve quality and safety for everyone.


Judy Mace, Designated Nurse Safeguarding Children, NHS Kernow 


Key Features

  • Fully featured CQC Compliance tool for the core data

    • Compiled Evidential Assurance in one place

    • Self Assessed RAG for rapid overviews

    • Instant reporting

  • Audits, Surveys and Requests for Information for fact finding

    • Gather information on your own site or from others

    • Collate reports of key indicators

    • Aggregate responses for report

  • Action Plans for focusing resource

    • SMART Action Plans can be delegated as required

    • See what needs actioning as it happens from anywhere

  • Pro active Notifications and reminders to keep you top

    • Every item is tracked and you are reminded to review so you never have redundant data

  • Share Data safely and securely

    • Sophisticated Roles and Permissions to let your stakeholders see only what they need

    • Tailor access for external stakeholders and consultants

    • Superlative Peer to Peer review tool

  • Resources built in

    • A growing set of referenced online resources

  • Documents stored as a central source

    • Use your documents to support Evidential Assurance

    • Share policies with common user groups

"QuiqCare is definitely worth looking at, the breadth of functionality offered for the price represents good value. I can see that the years of development working with the NHS and other areas of health and social care have resulted in a powerful platform that I would recommend to other practices looking to save admin time and focus on quality improvement."

Christina Cleworth, Practice Manager, Portsdown Group PCN.

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