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CQC Compliance Management for GPs

Practice Manager Dashboard

QUIQCARE is the leading CQC compliance solution, tried and tested by hundreds of social care providers, ICBs & Sub Locations, and professionals throughout the care sector. 

QUIQCARE brings together all aspects of compliance management into one manageable workspace for both single site concerns and groups.


In a multi site situations, like Primary Care Networks, QUIQCARE gives a centralised view on the compliance position across the group and allows proactive management.


Audits and Surveys automate data collection processes, and scheduled checklists remind stakeholders of regular tasks.


Action Planning focuses resources on areas that need it, linking Practice Managers through to Clinical Directors efficiently and meaningfully.


Quick Video Guides

Book an Online Demonstration

Typically these take around 45 minutes to an hour and can be held at a suitable time for you. They focus on the day-to-day use of CQCPro highlighting the key features and providing a deeper understanding of its use and benefits.

Documents & Brochures

Spreadsheets and box files really aren’t the answer, we know, that’s what we did; QUIQCARE is built for the job


Key Features

  • Fully featured CQC Compliance tool for the core data

    • Compiled Evidential Assurance in one place

    • Self Assessed RAG for rapid overviews

    • Instant reporting

  • Audits, Surveys and Requests for Information for fact finding

    • Gather information on your own site or from others

    • Collate reports of key indicators

    • Aggregate responses for report

  • Action Plans for focusing resource

    • SMART Action Plans can be delegated as required

    • See what needs actioning as it happens from anywhere

  • Pro active Notifications and reminders to keep you top

    • Every item is tracked and you are reminded to review so you never have redundant data

  • Share Data safely and securely

    • Sophisticated Roles and Permissions to let your stakeholders see only what they need

    • Tailor access for external stakeholders and consultants

    • Superlative Peer to Peer review tool

  • Resources built in

    • A growing set of referenced online resources

  • Documents stored as a central source

    • Use your documents to support Evidential Assurance

    • Share policies with common user groups

"QuiqCare is definitely worth looking at, the breadth of functionality offered for the price represents good value. I can see that the years of development working with the NHS and other areas of health and social care have resulted in a powerful platform that I would recommend to other practices looking to save admin time and focus on quality improvement."

Christina Cleworth, Practice Manager, Portsdown Group PCN.

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