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The simplest and most comprehensive feedback 
solution for your service

Whether you are working in an environment with a recognised external inspectorate, or your own in-house standards' framework, Quiqview lets you deploy, collate and manage your feedback data efficiently and centrally.

Audits let you automatically attach responses directly to the appropriate compliance framework standard, so when you get a response you can see it in context of your overall Assurance. So when you create a report you get the 'real world' collateral from stakeholders to back up your evidential assertions.

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Essential feedback when you need it

Quiqview isn't simply another form filling system, it is closely integrated with Quiqcare and forms a central role in your continuous improvement and compliance management programme.


At its heart Quiqview is a very simple concept; provide survey questionnaires to specific stakeholder groups to get their view on the service you provide.


Which is exactly what it does.


Quiqview's built in reporting provides an immediate graphical overview of responses, and the Excel spreadsheet export lets you dive deep into the data for more forensic analysis.

Reach all your Stakeholders

Create Audits & Surveys

Quiqview has a set of inbuilt Surveys and Audits or you can create your own using the simple to use Form Creator.

Linked Responses

Each Audit question can be indexed directly to your compliance framework standards.


It simply means when you get a response it is already visible against the relevant standard in your Assurance.

Review Process

You can even add your own review comments to a response.


Read the response, make your comments, and then RAG rate to provide continuous improvement information.

Quiqview is built with the latest technologies and takes Mobile devices in its stride. No matter who is filling in your Surveys or Audits they will already be familiar with the device they use. Simple.


Data entered from anywhere all comes back to the same place and can be merged together to give you the whole picture. You can even 'type by talking'. 

If you need to have regular updates you can simply automate the delivery to your community by any timescale that suits, weekly, monthly even annually, and the moment you get a response you're notified by email so you never miss a thing. 


You can create your own Survey and Audit forms or use the built in forms right out of the box. Typically you can create a Survey of 10 questions before your coffee gets cold, and have it in the hands of your respondents just as quickly.

Still getting back paper forms (...yep, we know it happens), the special 'complete' feature lets you enter the responses yourself using the paper feedback to make sure all your comments come back to one place and you analyse the results in one go.

Mobile form data collection
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