Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a few of the most asked questions.

If you have a question not covered here you can try the Help file from the main toolbar, drop us a line, or call and we'll do all we can to help

NHS Commissioning

What do I do if I forget my Username or Password?

On the login page you will see two links under the entry fields. One says ‘Forgot username’ and the other ‘Forgot Password’. This will generate an email to the address on your account - please make sure that if you don't see the email to check your Spam and Junk folders. Simply click the link and follow the instructions. You will be prompted to change your password as a security measure.

I can't see how to create Surveys or Audits

The new Form Creator is not a standard feature of the product and is a paid upgrade. If you need to create your own Audits, Requests for Information or Surveys please contact us to upgrade. The upgrade is a very quick process, in fact immediate, and we provide full training when you upgrade.

How do I add new users?

You can add new users through the Settings menu on the toolbar. The products are licensed by number of users so, assuming you have sufficient seats, you can simply add a new user by completing the form. If you have run out of licenses just check to make sure that the ones that are allocated are still valid, often people move around and you may find you have redundant users still allocated against a license. if that is the case it is simply a case of changing that users details to your new user. If you do need to have more users than the licenses please do contact us and we can upgrade you immediately.

What browser should I use?

You can use any browser to access QUIQSOLUTIONS' systems, although we do not support some earlier versions. We encounter most difficulties with Internet Explorer, especially versions lower than 10, as updates from Microsoft can often change settings and make access more unreliable. These earlier versions are no longer supported by Microsoft and so all users should upgrade to the latest version simply on security grounds. The most stable browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari, although we test on Opera and other less common browsers and they prove to work well.

Why can't I delete a user from the system?

To ensure that important information does not lose visibility you cannot delete a user until all the items they are responsible for have been allocated to someone else. So if they have an Evidence Item or an Action Plan allocated to them that must be re-allocated before you can delete them. You can find out quickly who owns what items by going to Reports on the main toolbar, and then running a reporteach on Evidence, Action Plans and Documents. If you see the user's name simply click the item and re-allocate it to another user. Once all items are re-allocated you will see a Delete button appear next to the user's name and you can then remove them. Just a note on this: Often when you need to remove a user someone else takes that position over. In this case you can simply edit the user who has left and enter the new person's details. All the items attached to the old user will then be the responsibility of the new user.

I have several sites and I need to get an overall report, how do I do it?

When you go to Reports on the main toolbar create your report criteria as normal. To see all the sites collated as an overall view click the check box called ‘Aggregate’.

When I use certain report types I can't see the output option I want

This is because some report formats are not able to display the data as requested by the report criteria. For example, a Pie Chart would not be able to display information over a period of time, as it can only show a snapshot of now. Equally a Grid Report isn’t able to show a proportional view of data. The options that are shown are therefore tailored to the report criteria to ensure you get meaningful results.