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Southampton City CCG on PAC

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Southampton City CCG have adopted Provider Assurance and

Compliance (PAC) with care providers.

Selecting a number of providers in representative sectors to get an overall view of PAC’s effectiveness, initial invitations were sent in Q2 2018 and responses to the CQC Well Led Standard were completed by the providers.

Some of the initial pilot sites were already users of QUIQCARE (the main backbone of the PAC solution) and agreed to participate so that Southampton City CCG have a complete 360degree view of their compliance status. This is great news for SCC, and also it allows the providers to demonstrate their commitment to quality improvement straight to the desk of the person making commissioning decisions.

One of the great strengths of PAC is that it brings together all the commissioning information regarding quality compliance into one place, letting commissioning decisions be taken based on the very latest information.

In addition to the PAC pilot Southampton City CCG have also adopted QUIQVIEW to ask direct Audit based questions and get key point indicator information on a regular scheduled basis.

Even in the early phase the feedback from providers has been positive.

One care provider made a point of thanking the SCC team for bringing their attention to some areas of their policy management that needed updating after completing an Audit review.

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