QUIQVIEW: Easy Audits and Surveys

The latest version of QUIQVIEW is now shipping with a wealth of new features.

QUIQVIEW now offers a completely integrated Question Builder to let you create new forms for Audits and Surveys instantly.

What's the difference between an Audit and a Survey?

We get asked that a lot, and the answer is simple. Surveys can be completed by anyone who has the link, so you can send Surveys to people who use your services on a casual basis. Let's say you need to get feedback from your service users, Surveys are perfect. Simple to create and manage, and reports are compiled as it happens.

Audits on the other hand link directly to elements of your compliance framework, so you can ask questions on a form and have the responses appear automatically against the relevant standard in your quality management system. So, if you need to get feedback or key information from a community of, say, 200 GP's every month Audits are for you.

Find out more about QUIQVIEW, or arrange a one to one online demonstration at a time to suit you.

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