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Luton CCG - Surveys that work

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

The CHAT Tool from QuiqSolutions is used by NHS CGGs to provide assurance that they are meeting quality standards in Continuing Healthcare in CHC.

CHAT is also a fully functional survey and audit tool, and includes a questionnaire that is used with patients who have been assessed for CHC funding, giving them the opportunity to rate their experience.

At Luton CCG the survey has proved to be very useful gathering information used to inform the senior management team, improving the patient experience and service delivery.

Mobile friendly simple forms

Commenting, Karen Stagg, Head of Continuing Healthcare at Luton CCG says:

“The challenge with surveys is to get people to complete them. In the past we have asked people following their review to fill in our questionnaire on paper or on-line, but the response rate has not been as high as we would have liked.

The CHAT survey tool offers multiple ways to complete the questionnaire, via paper, email or online, we are also able to carry out telephone-based surveys which have proven very effective.

The tool saves lots of time as it automatically collates the results, and gives us charts and graphs showing the rate of satisfaction of our service. We can run different reports and filter results, we can also RAG rate results which are presented to our Deputy Director of Nursing and Quality to help the directorate analyse areas for improvement, generating follow up plans to ensure that any key actions are captured.

We are now interested in using CHAT to carry out survey and audits in other areas of our service as it is very easy to use and to deploy, and saves hours of time in collating and analysing responses.”

CHAT Surveys and Audits don't stop there. Custom forms can be created easily for any aspect of the service and deployed instantly using the simple form creator. Forms can even be directly linked to CHC Standards so the results can be used in context of the CHC standards.

If you would like to know more let us know and we can show them working straight away.

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