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CHAT V3 Release

The new version the NHS Continuing Healthcare Tool (CHAT) will be released in October 2018.

The new CHAT framework was approved in late August 2018 and is now ready to implemented throughout England, replacing the existing CHC framework with immediate effect. The improved framework has been incorporated into the CHAT tool which is now very well accepted and used by nearly all English CCGS. Implementation is deadlined for mid October by which time Quiqsolutions will have migrated all CCGs to the new system. Whilst the migration work is being carried out the existing CHAT sites will not be available, but all of the existing data will be saved, and any data that is re-usable in the new standard will be mapped directly across to the new system. QUIQSOLUTIONS will manage the process and keep users informed of the process and next actions, as well as providing copies of your existing Evidential Assurance should that be required one the site has been migrated.

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