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NHS AIMS Rollout Success

Setting up and implementing 190 sites in one go with a new system and business process is always going to be a challenge, but congratulations to the QUIQSOLUTIONS team who managed that trick with aplomb!

After a significant planning period and incorporation of all the lessons learnt from the original pilot in London, AIMS went live nationally on October 1st.

Prior to the launch date QUIQSOLUTIONS ran webinar training nationally and got over 80% of the new users up to speed, backed up by short 'how to' training videos and quick start guides, produced specifically for these users. And it looks like all that planning paid off as over 90% of the CCGs in England completed their submissions on time with very little additional assistance from the AIMS Implementation Team at QUIQSOLUTIONS.

"I have to be honest I expected a few more issues, but they just didn't happen, it was very smooth" was the phrase that pretty much summed it up from NHS England.

"We've been around the block a few times when it comes to rollouts" says Neal Moores of QUIQSOLUTIONS", "not just with QUIQSOLUTIONS but also with previous businesses, and those experiences really help to focus your mind on what is good....and the rollout world. One measure of how well things go is the simple expedient of counting how many calls we get for support (there were very few) and the nature of the calls.

The calls we got were much more about the computing side as opposed to the App, which is great and wholly validates the amount of time we spent designing and implementing this solution for NHS England"

AIMS is now part way through the review and reporting process to inform NHS Centrally on the performance of their CCGs and all going very well.

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