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AIMS Go Live!

After a successful pilot in the London region NHS Assurance and Improvement Management System (AIMS) goes live on 1st October as the new quarter starts.


Total view of an entire Region

The Assurance and Improvement Management System (AIMS) has been developed by QUIQSOLUTIONS  and NHS England to improve the timescale of the Quarterly Assurance Process.

Based upon the principle that once the quarter has finished a CCG will know how they are performing against the three key standards any improvement plans that are required can be set in motion immediately without waiting for the Data Team analysis.

This represents a time saving of up to 6 weeks on the previous method and massively increases efficiency.

Should a CCG need to create an Improvement Plan it is built right into AIMS, allowing them to create plans and have them reviewed in the same collaborative workspace by the Regional Team, greatly increasing the quality and timeliness of implementation and reporting.

As soon as the National Data Team's analysis is published AIMS automatically reconciles the official position with the estimates and highlights any discrepancies.

"AIMS is a real 360 degree view on quality assurance and Improvement Planning, bringing together all the elements into one coherent system and providing real time data for decision making".

AIMS is being rolled out to all CCGs in England by the QUIQSOLUTIONS' Client Team who also provide support and comprehensive training for all system users. In the run up to launch almost 100 NHS users were introduced to the system online through QUIQSOLUTIONS' webinar program to familiarise the teams with the new system.

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