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Practice Index for Primary Care Networks

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Following the start of the AHSN pilot for Primary Care Networks Practice Index, the leading forum and support tool for thousands of GPs, have listed QUIQSOLUTIONS in their Directory.

The Directory groups together validated suppliers to let practices select with confidence suppliers who have solutions they can use in their practice.

QUIQSOLUTIONS listing can be found here.

"The Practice index Directory is a great resources for GPs and PCNs", says Paul Kaye of QUIQSOLUTIONS,

"we talk to a lot of practices and the resource is well known. The new QUIQSOLUTIONS listing will bring the availability of the leading CQC compliance solution into focus for many Practice Managers who are actively looking for better ways to manage CQC Compliance."

The continued interest in QUIQSOLUTIONS solutions for CQC Compliance is gaining real momentum as many practices face the challenge of bringing together disparate practices into a coherent working organisation, saving effort and offering very real efficiencies.

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