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CQCPro Monthly Safety Culture Audit

The new Monthly Safety Culture Audit dashboards; keeping you on top of care management.

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The new Monthly Safety Culture Audit dashboards in CQCPro collate and display essential data specifically designed for your service type, bringing together the key indicators every care service needs.


Month by month you build a picture of how well your service is running and highlighting any areas of concern.


The new CQC Regulatory model is becoming focussed on the experience of service stakeholders and being to able to demonstrate your compliance is essential to support your position when being rated.

“We were very impressed with the functionality that CQC Pro offered, with the ability for us to have real-time visibility of the compliance position across all our homes. The additional functionality including storing all of our policies and procedures and implementing surveys and audits using CQC Pro has transformed the way we monitor and manage quality across the business.”

Commenting, Ian Coldrick, CEO at Creative Care (East Midlands) Ltd  

The Monthly Safety Culture Audit organises key questions in a simple to use form that collates your performance indicators and presents a dashboard that’s always available.  Ideal for management meetings, supporting your CQC Assertions, and measuring the performance of your service.


Viewing trends across several months pinpoints areas for management focus, anomalies that might require investigation, and highlights where you doing exceptionally well.


Carrying out the audit each month will give you the peace of mind you have the facts and figures ready whenever you need them to take action and be prepared for the new CQC regulatory approach.


With the new CQC Regulatory model moving towards less scheduled and more reactive ‘on the fly’ interactions the Monthly Safety Culture Audit is an essential tool for you, your business and the welfare of your stakeholders.



Quick Video Guides

Book Online Training

We provide free online training sessions to make sure you get the most from CQCPro.

Typically these take around 45 minutes to an hour and can be held at a suitable time for you. They focus on the day-to-day use of CQCPro highlighting the key features and providing a deeper understanding of its use and benefits.

Documents & Brochures

We are a small company but I have found CQC Pro to be a useful method of recording what measures we implement in order to comply with the KLOE's.


As things change in the office, policies and procedures are introduced or updated I then add this information to the CQC Pro system.


The system is quite easy to navigate, edit and update. 

Natalie Hodgeson

Harrogate Homecare

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  • Real-time dashboard evidencing compliance 

  • Multiple users sharing the load across the department

  • Upload and maintain supporting documents / policies, keeping everything in one place

  • Action plans to ensure improvement is embedded

  • Reminders with email alerts to ensure nothing gets missed

  • Reports and trend analysis over time to always have information when you need it

  • Meaningful Dashboards automatically collated

  • Covers all the critical key indicators

  • Manage audits, surveys and other feedback including KPI measurements

  • Simple Dashboard displays showing what’s important to you

  • Single or multi-site corporate solutions for complete scalability

  • Professional online training with on-demand help videos

  • Responsive helpdesk and support service

  • User-friendly and intuitive

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