NHS AIMS Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a few of the most asked questions.

If you have a question not covered here you can try the Help file from the main toolbar, drop us a line, or call and we'll do all we can to help

NHS Commissioning

What do I do if I forget my Username or Password?

On the login page you will see two links under the entry fields. One says ‘Forgot username’ and the other ‘Forgot Password’. This will generate an email to the address on your account - please make sure that if you don't see the email to check your Spam and Junk folders. Simply click the link and follow the instructions. You will be prompted to change your password as a security measure.

Can I have the emails for AIMS sent to my email box?

No. CCG emails all go to the Generic email box, this is so colleagues can pick them up and act on them. AIMS is a time critical system and should someone be away from work for any reason it is imperative that their team members can also access the system.

Can I have the emails copied to me?

AIMS itself cannot copy emails to many mailboxes. This is primarily due to a management difficulty in keeping track of all the people who may or not need to have access. Once the email has been delivered to the Generic AIMS mailbox your IT department might be able to setup a forwading system to send the same email to a number of personal mailboxes, but this is out of the remit AIMS itself.

What browser should I use?

You can use any browser to access QUIQSOLUTIONS' systems, although we do not support some earlier versions. We encounter most difficulties with Internet Explorer, especially versions lower than 10, as updates from Microsoft can often change settings and make access more unreliable. These earlier versions are no longer supported by Microsoft and so all users should upgrade to the latest version simply on security grounds. The most stable browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari, although we test on Opera and other less common browsers and they prove to work well.

I cant find the email

There is extensive checking and reporting built into AIMS, should an email be 'bounced' or rejected after it has been sent the AIMS team will know about this and take steps to correct things.

  • Firstly ensure you are accessing the correct login, only use the AIMS Credentials.
  • Whilst AIMS uses the same overall system as CHAT it is important to ensure you have logged out of CHAT before accessing AIMS. The two processes are seperate and on occasions your browser might remember your CHAT login and use that instead of AIMS. This is a feature of your browser and not AIMS directly, so always make sure you type in your AIMS credentials.

I don't know what to do?

There are several Training Videos you can acces from the Help menu in AIMS. To get a complete overview of the system we have created an overview video which outlines the whole process in about 5 minutes whcih may well be worth watching. Watch the video ' Overview for CCG users'. You can also see it here

When I try to login I get an 'OOOPS' message

This is a system alert letting you know that there is a difficulty. The screen will never appear on its own - there will be a dialogue box that explains the issue and it is important to read this. The most common reason for the alert is when a user is responding to an email notification (which is addressed to specific login), clicks the button on the email and the system registers that another user is already logged in and creates the alert. For example: If you were working on CHAT and you click on the AIMS email notification button the system will realise that you are logged in already and inform you to logoff the CHAT session before logging into AIMS. Please remember that the browser does not need to be open and visible for you to be logged in to the system, you could still be logged in and not realise it. This is why it is important to logoff when you have finished working in any given session. If you have this situation, open your browser and logout of any live sessions, then re-try to login to AIMS.