Quick Guides to using PAC for Administration Users

We build these quick videos so you can how to access the key features of your system easily. If there is anything you would like us to add just let us know.

PAC: Provider Assurance & Compliance

Please note that the videos do not have Audio. The screens used in these videos may not look exactly the same as yours. Different implementations use different standards, but the system operates in exactly the same way.

NHS Commissioning

I don’t get it…what does this website do?

  • We are a website dedicated to linking teachers with each other so they can pass on their expertise to each other.
  • We allow teachers to present professional learning courses to other teachers around the country on subjects that teachers indicate they need the most instruction in.
  • You can become an instructor or attend a session today, or you can do both! We encourage teachers to not only attend sessions that would give them much needed instruction in various areas, but also share what you are really good by signing up to teach a course (for pay, of course!)

Ok…if I teach a course, how much money would I get?

  • You set the price, not us.
  • Teachers will choose your session if it seems informative and reasonably priced. Remember teachers aren’t the most well-paid professionals, so remember that when setting your price.

How long are sessions and when are they?

  • Instructors: You choose the length, and date. If your session will last 60 mins, one time or if you would like it to be a 3 part series that meets once per week, either is good with us!
  • Attendees: It’s your money, your choice. Choose sessions that are held on dates that are most convenient to you

What are the categories of sessions that you all offer?

  • Classroom Management/PBIS
  • Differentiation of Instruction
  • Electives/Extracurriculars
  • English Language Arts/Reading
  • Foreign Language
  • Integration of Technology
  • Math
  • Project-based Learning/STEAM/STEM
  • School Administration
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Special Education and/or Gifted
  • Other

How does a session take place?

  • After 2020, we are all a little more versed in online-learning, am I right? Sessions on our site will look similar to an online class for students or a school meeting you’ve probably had via Zoom.
  • We use Zoom, so on the day of the session, you will log in and meet your fellow attendees and instructor and get quality knowledge and material you can take back to your classroom!

Will there be any training for instructors

  • Yes! In your Onboarding meeting, you will be shown around Zoom to see all of its fun and engaging capabilities.
  • You can ask any other questions at that time as well.

I’m not a teacher, but I have something to share, can I lead sessions.

  • Yes! We would love to have school admins, counselors, teacher assistants, instructional coaches, BOE members, school nurses, and anyone else that works in the school setting.
  • On your application, tell us what you bring to the table, and you’re in!

Are there any catches?

  • It’s not a catch, but we do receive a commission from sessions.
  • However, this commission cost helps to drive new attendees to check our your PL session through advertising, perfects our website, and cover subscriptions and overhead cost to make this best experience for both instructors and attendees.