Quick Guides to using PAC

Provider Assurance & Compliance

PAC: Provider Assurance & Compliance

This series of short 'How To' videos show you quickly and simply how the main features of PAC work.

If you would like to see any more quick start guides we haven't placed here just let us know and we'll get right on it.

(Note: The data used in these videos is for demonstration only, and may not look exactly like yours, but please remember the system will work in exactly the same fashion whatever compliance framework is in use.) 

Completing a Question Set

Question sets are similar to Audits built right into the main system. They let you answer direct questions that inform the Authority about your service.

Adding Evidential Assurance

Evidential Assurance is the information you store to provide evidence of how your service meets compliance standards. For example the Care Quality Commission (CQC) break their standards into 5 areas and these are contained in the system. This is an on-going process and keeping the system upto date will mean you have all your evidence at your finger tips ready for whenever you are asked to show an Inspector.

Further Information Requests

Occasionally you might need to edit or amend your answers to a particular question(s) once it has been reviewed by the reviewing authority. These are known as ' Further Information Requests'. They work in just the same way as the original Question Completion Set request, you will be notified by email of the request and once logged in you will see the Big Blue Button. This video quickly shows you how to edit your response after a Further Information Request has been received.

Completing Site Data

Site data is the 'static data' about your service. Typically this is the address, number of service users and what the service offers