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Discover how CQC Pro simplifies compliance with the latest CQC changes, ensuring high quality patient care and safety.

In the ever-evolving landscape of care quality standards, staying up-to-date is not just necessary, it's imperative.


With the new CQC framework rolling out, care businesses are encountering unprecedented challenges in maintaining compliance. This is where CQC Pro steps in - a groundbreaking product from Quiqsolutions, designed to offer peace of mind in these changing times.

Why choose CQC Pro?
  • Up-to-the-Minute Compliance: With CQC Pro, you're always aligned with the latest regulations. We ensure you're prepared for upcoming changes, not just catching up.

  • Simplified Compliance Process: Our software tool transforms complex compliance requirements into manageable tasks, significantly reducing your admin burden.

  • Focus on Quality Patient Care: Free up your time from administrative hassles. Spend more time where it matters most - providing exceptional patient care.

  • Safety and Well-being: Ensure both your patients and colleagues are in a safe, well-maintained environment, compliant with the highest standards.

A Glimpse into CQC Pro:
Live Demo by Paul Kaye

Developed by leaders, for leaders - our expertise and dedication to quality care are embedded in every feature of this product. Discover how CQC Pro can revolutionise your compliance strategy. Join Paul Kaye our Business Development Director for an insightful live demo showing how CQC Pro helps you meet the new framework.

Ready to Transform Your Compliance Strategy?

Get in touch with our team today and explore how CQC Pro can be the cornerstone of your quality management. We’re proud to empower care businesses to exceed standards, effortlessly.

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