Quick Guides to using NHS AIMS for Administration Users

We build these quick videos so you can how to access the key features of your system easily. If there is anything you would like us to add just let us know.

Assurance and Improvement Management System

Please note that the videos do not have Audio.

NHS Commissioning

Re-Sending a Quarterly Question Requests

If a request to complete the quartlerly questions has already been sent to a site and for some reason the user cannot locate it you can re-send the request, or delete it and create a new one. You would only usually need to send a completely new request if the email address of the original one has changed or is somehow not accessible by the responder. (Please note: For licensing and security reasons only QUIQSOLUTIONS Administrators can change the responders email address with written management approval. To change an email address contact admin@quiqsolutions.com or call on 01948 841116.) Remember: Only ONE request for Quarterly Responses can be live on any given site at any one time.

Re-Sending an Improvement Plan request

If you have already sent an Improvement Plan Request and need to cancel it, perhaps because the wrong standard was chosen or the user cannot locate the original email, follow this simple process. Please note: Only ONE request can be live on any given site at any one time.

Working with Reviews

Reviews are used to comment on the assurance provided by Responders after they have completed their Improvement Plan Requests (Question Completion Request).

Reviewers make their comments against each standard and KLOE and can request further information from the responder if required. Once the Review has been completed and the comments finalised Publishing the Review will make it visible to the responders site alongside the Assurance item.

Publishers can Edit and Delete comments made by themselves and, if there are Reviewers who do not have Publishing rights, they can also Edit those comments prior to final publication for which they alone will be responsible.

Adminstrators Dashboard Overview

A quick tour of the main Grid view and its key features for Administrators. The Dashboard Grid brings togther all the information to keep Adminstratiors in control and fully informed of the process across their reporting sites.

Amending Answers : Further Information Requests (community user)

How to quickly amend a response item after it has been reviewed and a Request for Further Information has been sent. This process is used by responders to change their answers at the request of the reviewer. When an authority reviewer makes comments against your statements they may need to have more information from you. They can send you a Further Information Request, which will re-open your original response and allow you to edit it, as well as seeing the comments made by the reviewer.

AIMS Overview for Community users

Process Overview for Regional Users

This video shows you the whole process and explains the concept. From the original 3 questions to final review and reports.

A CCG has made a mistake on the 3 Questions, I need to resend it

On occasion a CCG user might complete the 3 questions with the wrong information, as the system won’t know this it will act on the information supplied. When the CCG informs you of this you can restart the process for them easily. 1. Delete the incorrect response From the dashboard > Click the Action Button against the CCG > click Question Completion Requests 2. Delete the Improvement Plan Request (this is also called the ' Question Completion Requests') > Delete the Improvement Plan Request against the CCG 3. Delete the incorrect response Under FEEDBACK on the dashboard > click Details > Select the incorrect response against the CCG > Delete the Response 4. Resend the 3 Questions > from the Dashboard under FEEDBACK click Details > scroll to the very bottom of the page that opens and click Select Recipients > Select the CCG from the list > Set a deadline date > Click Send The CCG will receive a new 3 Questions request, just like the original one, which they can complete. The process will then continue as normal.

Manually Requesting an Improvement Plan

Regional users can manually generate requests for an Improvement Plan for selected standards even if a request has not been generated automatically.