Quick Guides to using NHS AIMS

We build these quick videos so you can how to access the key features of your system easily. If there is anything you would like us to add just let us know.

Assurance and Improvement Management System

Please note that the videos do not have Audio.

NHS Commissioning

NHS Commissioning


Handling Further Information Requests

Once an Improvement Plan has been submitted the Reviewer might need more information. They do this using a Further Information Request. Further Information Requests re-open the original submission and allow you to make edits taking into account the Reviewers comments. Once the edit has been made it is returned to the reviewer. They may ask for additional information again, or accept the submission and publish their final Review.

Using Escalation Workflow

The workflow for some CCGs requires them to have their STP sign off on the Improvement Plan submission prior to them being sent to Region. In this case the person completing the Improvement Plan at the CCG will not be given the facility to Mark As Complete, in other words submit directly to the Region, they will instead only be able to Escalate to a pre-configured STP Responsible Person. The Responsible Person will then review the submission.

Using Escalation as the Responsible Person

The Responsible Person refers to the person who has the relevant permissions to submit an Improvement Plan after it has been compiled by a colleague. The Responsible Peron has the opportunity to edit the plan, ask for additional details, and finally submit the final version using the Escalate procedure with the Host site and then to Mark As Complete. This video concentrates on the Responsible Persons role, to get a complete view of the process see the Using Escalation Workflow video which details the Host Sites process.

AIMS Overview for CCG users

This short video runs through the whole process from the original request to the completion of your Improvement Plan, and demonstrates how the system works. It is designed to show new users how to use the system and what to expect at each stage. Note: Some of the screens in this video might look slightly different than those on your live system due to variations in different users configurations. However the main features are the same and work in the same fashion.