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Pathology Laboratory Activity & Capacity Electronic Returns System.

PLACERS is used to report testing information from Testing Sites back to Public Health England and NHS England on a daily basis. 

If you need to make any changes to the system, user updates, Testing Site additions or amendments etc. use the Request Forms opposite. 

Please note that all requests will be dealt with immediately and be subject to approval at the appropriate level.

Frequently asked questions

How do I let you know of User changes?

Use the form link on this page to create a User Change Request. User Change Requests let us know if you or a member of your team have changed their details, or you need to add a new team member. Its also important for data security that you let us know if any team member has stopped working on the project so we can close down their account. Just fill in the form and we will take it from there. We will always seek approval from the responsible line manager before we take any action, and then let you know the moment things are done.

I need to add a new Testing Site

Use the Form link on this page to notify us of new sites, or amendments to existing sites. As more and more testing sites are brought on board to meet the high demand it is important they are included in the system so their contribution to the capacity and activity can be accuratley reported. Just fill in the form, we will check with the responsible person and make any changes that need to be done, then we will let you know the outcome.

I tried to reset my password but didn't receive a link

This will be because you do not have a live email address that you can access. Many users have been setup with 'generic emails addresses' and not personal addresses, simply becuase of the rapidity with which PLACERS had to be created. If you need help logging in - call us. 01948 841116 or email admin@quiqsolutions.com. We'll sort things out immediately. Please be aware that we will need to have authorisation from a known manager to set you up on the system for data protection reasons, so unless it is urgent, email is best. Then we can do our validation work straight away and get back to you faster.

I pressed 'Save For Later' on my return, but the Big Blue Button is not there to resume

This can only happen if someone else has clicked the button and then completed the return themselves. With several people being able to login please check a colleague has not already completed your submission. On your home screen you can see a list of Returns on the right hand side, look for the date you are working on and if it is there the Return has been made already.

I submitted my return but need to make a change.

Once you submitted your return it cannot be edited. This because the system is time sensitive and the data you submit is used for critical reporting: Being able to change data after it has already been used in other reports cannot happen. It essential that you check you have completed your return before you submit it. If you have made an error or an omission you have to Delete the incorrect version and re-do it so that duplicates are not created in the system giving a false picture. To delete an incorrect submission see the video below:

I need to reset my Password

On the login page (NHS.quiqcloud.com) click the link that says: "PLACERS Password reset: Click here to request a PLACER password reset". Note: This will take you to a form you need to complete. Your request will be dealt with by a support team member Immediately who will contact you with a Password reset.

Remove a Platform from the site

If a platform is being relocated from your site to another site you can remove the platform from your site by following this simple process.



Video guides

Completing a Daily PLACER return as a Testing Station (Lab)

Using the PLACER Overview Grid 

Request Forms

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